1998 Born, Stuttgart, Germany
Studies: Design, Art and Media, Merz Akademie Stuttgart

Nature is the most important thing for humans
By “the most important thing” I don't mean everything we need to survive, such as oxygen, water and energy. In order to understand what I am about, you have to deal with the human being a little more closely. Humans as a species are unique because they have strong emotions and a sense of aesthetics. They can feel happiness in a way that no other living being can. People's happiness is diverse, but nature is so colorful that it can make everyone happy. Some know that, others end up in the digital. When I write about nature, I mean something analogous from physical reality. A thing that is made of atoms and that really exists. The less human has worked on this matter, the more natural it is.

Human being is the most important thing for the digital
Tools and language have brought people to where they are now. If you combine these two elements, the result is digitization. Man has learned to communicate with nature and thus make it his tool. That doesn't mean that he can talk to plants or animals, but he can communicate with energy. And in fact, nature is just energy. So without humans there would be no way to communicate with nature as it is now possible. He invented this language and is the only one who speaks this language and knows how to use the tool of digitization.

Digital is the way back to nature
The problem with the digital is that humans created it and the digital has lost all relation to nature as a result. Man will get lost in it and lose sight of everything else. He doesn't want to go back, everything else wouldn't be right either. This tool is all that is left to him, without the digital he would be helpless. There's no going back, so he has to go right through it. But he mustn't forget that everything he taps with his fingers is a direct communication with nature. If he chooses the right words, his connection to nature will get better and better and at some point, they will understand each other blindly. When it comes to that, nothing stands in the way of his happiness. However, this path is not the most obvious, because humans do not understand that the digital is related to nature. Man loses sight of nature more and more, which causes it to lose more and more of its color.

Art shows the way through the digital
Art has already wanted to replace religion and bring world peace. It failed because the artist who embodies art has lost his status as an person with alterity over time. But what if there is a new task that also spreads hope and that in which it shows the way to happiness. The task of art, which has been missing for a long time, is to remind people over and over again that they need nature. In addition, art has to make it clear to people that their goal should be to get to nature through digitization and that, without destroying it.

Art should never only be digital
Anyone can do digital art and it is no longer difficult to make it look good. But that is precisely why it is all the more important that digital art must be viewed in a differentiated manner. It is possible with programs and energy to create something that people desire. For example a three-dimensional object or a digitally painted picture. But these works lack the relationship to nature. The aim of art must be to bring nature into the digital world. The less material from physical reality there is in a work, the greater the distance from nature. The artist has the task of bringing as much nature as possible, however he interprets it, into the digital in order to remind all the other people who get lost in the digital of the goal nature. The more direct the connection between nature and the digital, the better the art. To create this connection, art can be analog, but it can also be digital as long as it contains something from nature. In the best case, it is both. But you shouldn't misinterpret the whole thing. Art in general doesn't have to have anything to do with the digital. Everyone can continue to do what he or she thinks is right. But nature is losing people more and more to the digital and, in my opinion, art is the only way to prevent that.

Digital is dead
Human being is the end of evolution. Everything that comes after loses nature more and more. Digitization as a product of humans cannot be more lifeless, because humans created it. If Man ends in the digital, he will die.

Human is nature
The human being is the last thing that nature created. Everything that comes after man is from man and not from nature. But still it is part of nature. Like a child, a person must always be grateful to his mother and he must never forget that he is happiest in nature.

Nature lives
Humans want to live, so they only have what is alive in order not to die. Nature will survive everything and the longer we hold on to nature, the longer we will exist. Please don't let us forget nature.