The work came from the observation that we can never look each other directly in the eyes when in video conferences. To reminiscent this awkward situation the spectator of A_Romance is permanently on the lookout for the pupils of the ominous silhouettes, as we know it from the Herman grid. Everyone can become part of the grid and part of the website but despite the countless eyes that stare obsessively at the spectator, love at first sight will never happen here.


With the birth of a human, his world begins to turn and with it he himself. He is shaped by his environment and shaped by the stimuli he absorbs. This work gives the spectator a choice. How fast should the newborn's world turn? Or you stand still and forego contact in order not to take responsibility for the fate of the digital native. The more and the faster the participant writes, the clearer the movement becomes, but what is being written is irrelevant. One way or another, the baby is confronted with the digital input.


This work has no drama or the like. It tries to translate an analogue gesture that everyone is familiar with into digital. A screenshot or a photograph of your own screen can be sent directly to your love, without the user having to set off into the green, fresh forest with a sharp knife and full of energy to be immortalized there. A picture on Instagram is likely to last longer than a tree.


This is just a placeholder to fill the empty white space.